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On a regular basis, you will likely disagree with others.
Don't let that disagreement control your life.

When you are confident of your own path in life,
you will not be threatened by differing opinions. Instead of fighting
against others who disagree,
allow those differing perspectives to strengthen your own.

There's no need to become defensive when your opinions are challenged.
Instead, let the challenges help you to further refine and clarify
your own thinking.

True success is not a matter of forcing others to adopt your viewpoint.
True success comes from making your life a full,
complete and valuable expression of your own unique point of view.

There will always be those who think differently than you do.
Learn to see that as a blessing, and learn to appreciate its value.

When you gratefully, peacefully, and lovingly accept disagreement,
It loses its power to control your life.
And you can transform it into s…