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Fate has strange waysof making things happen. I guess she has a whacky sense of humour. Though I don't believe in Fate, I still think there is some supreme force which is co - ordinates this seemingly disordered world around us.There is certainly something which keeps a check on everything, whether growing or dying.

But that doesn't mean that I rely on fate for my future. Yes, I admit that there was once a time, when i was very young, when i used to thinh\k that way. But upon expressing these feelin to Papa, he was quick to put my thoughts on the right track. What a great father he is!!

I am one of those who believe that nothing happens unless we make it happen. I also believe that there is no shortage of oppurtunities, any where, or in any field. The only thing that is required is the person who can spot the oppurtunity and make full use of it. One of my friends used to say, "There is future in this particular line of business" and I told him, "There is future…
Time is the warp of the tapestry which is life. It is eternal, constant, unchanging. But the woof is gathered together from the four corners of the earth and the twenty eight seas and out of air and the minds of men by that master artist, Fate, as she weaves the design that is never finished.

A thread from here, a thread from there, another from out of the past that has waited years for the companion thread without which the picture must be incomplete.

But Fate is patient. She waits a hundred or a thousand years to bring together two strands of threads whose union is essential to the fabrication of ther tapestry, to the composition of the design that was without beginning and is without end."