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The side effect of need for Perfection - How Our Need For Perfection May Be Literally Killing Us

From a young age we are told to strive for perfection. All our lives we, well most of us in any case, strive for perfection and undergo numerous rounds of training, self doubt, practice session and what not in our bid to achieve perfection.

But rarely do we pause and think about the cost we end up paying in our quest for perfection. Becomingminimalist has a very interesting article on this topic. Although the article primarily refers to people in USA and the impact of their need for perfection, I think it serves as a good example of how there could be negative side to even good things we often aspire for!

Here is the article from Becomingminimalist post. You can find the original article here

Recently, I read an important article in The Washington Post. The title reveals the content: Americans Use Far More Opioids Than Anyone Else in the World. The title describes accurately the premise of the article but the specifics tell the deeper story. Not only do Americans use more opioids than…