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Fate has strange waysof making things happen. I guess she has a whacky sense of humour. Though I don't believe in Fate, I still think there is some supreme force which is co - ordinates this seemingly disordered world around us.There is certainly something which keeps a check on everything, whether growing or dying.

But that doesn't mean that I rely on fate for my future. Yes, I admit that there was once a time, when i was very young, when i used to thinh\k that way. But upon expressing these feelin to Papa, he was quick to put my thoughts on the right track. What a great father he is!!

I am one of those who believe that nothing happens unless we make it happen. I also believe that there is no shortage of oppurtunities, any where, or in any field. The only thing that is required is the person who can spot the oppurtunity and make full use of it. One of my friends used to say, "There is future in this particular line of business" and I told him, "There is future…
Time is the warp of the tapestry which is life. It is eternal, constant, unchanging. But the woof is gathered together from the four corners of the earth and the twenty eight seas and out of air and the minds of men by that master artist, Fate, as she weaves the design that is never finished.

A thread from here, a thread from there, another from out of the past that has waited years for the companion thread without which the picture must be incomplete.

But Fate is patient. She waits a hundred or a thousand years to bring together two strands of threads whose union is essential to the fabrication of ther tapestry, to the composition of the design that was without beginning and is without end."
Don’t smoke in the bed, the ashes which fall on the carpet may be yours.
Good luck is the meeting point of your alertness and thousands of opportunities passing by
I shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now and not defer it for I will not pass this way again.

Mother, I cannot forget the last drop of your affectionate tear rolling down your cheek for me. My heart is bleeding drop-by-drop, hour by hour. To whom shall I go to cry? With tears in my eyes I wish to become dust and dwell eternally under your feet.

My all thoughts and happiness are always with you. I am you, whom I love and you whom I love are i. His is the command and unto him, ye will be brought back.

Like snow upon the desert’s dusty face, lightening a little hour or two is gone.

Yesterday i saw The Recruit. Al Pacino starred in it in a negetive role and did it quite well. Well, the morale of the movie seemed to be "nothing is what it seems". It was a movie based on the CIA and the shrowd of secrecy it operates in. Sons, after they join "The Company" are not told about what their father did when they worked for the CIA and how he died.

Lately i've started looking for morale in every movie i watch and have also started hoping that the movie makers have some secret aim behind making these movies with morale, that they want to make the world a better place to live in and are trying to contribute in what ever way they can. Sometime back i saw a movie called "Behind Enemy Lines". Though it was a good movie, it was one movie in which i couldn't find much of a morale and just plain stupid patriotism and loyality by a commander towards his cadets. Maybe, loyalty was the morale of that movie but in my opinion they failed beautiful…
If you start judging people, you have little time to love them.

Language is only a medium of expression.

A karmayogi is one who derives satisfaction from his work and enjoys the same.

Ambition without proper planning and structure is day dreaming.
You have to be very serious to make others laugh.
Derek O’ Brian
A man who fears nothing is a man who loves nothing. What joy then does that man have in his life without any love?

Life is full of ups and downs. In order to experience happiness you must experience other emotions, including sadness and anger, to some degree nearly everyday. The ideal you should work towards accepting of what you have and who you are, to enjoy life whenever possible and to feel happy most of the time.


I asked for strength,
I got difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom,
I got problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity,
I got brawn and brain to work.
I asked for courage,
I got dangers to overcome.

I asked for love,
I got troubled people to help.
I asked for favours,
I got opportunities.

I asked to be free from reaction,
I got breakdowns with cyclic rapidity.
I asked for freedom from uncertainty,
I got to dance with it instead.

I received nothing I wanted,
But got everything I needed.
To get everything I wanted,
My prayer has been answered.