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here is my first serious posting.

i've thought a lot about god. people say that my thoughts are more akin to that of an athiest. may be so. i don't pray, i don't bow before i leave home (as mom keeps telling me to) and i avoid going to temples. in hindus (that's what i am) i find that the gods need a lot of pampering. they get angry if u don't pray to them, they reward u if u pray a lot, they need gifts to keep them happy and in short, need to be treated like someone special. at our homes, if someone young behaves this way, we call him / her spoilt. then why do we over look this with gods ? some of the hindu gods have all the faults that an ordinary mortal might have, and still we're made to bow before them. why ?

Shouldn't a god be above all these faults ? In my opinion, god should be someone who is above all the faults that we humans have. he should be willing to forgive our biggest sins instead of getting angry. true in some cases punishment is necessary…
I just watched a Movie called "Ansh". It was just an average movie but then again, i think the makers of this movie wanted to pass on a message...that we should learn to tand against curruption and bad politics. And i think that given the today's scenario, it's necessary too ! so, chears for the makers, if, at all, they had this purpose behind making the movie.
hi !

i had started this log because i wanted to express myself. in my opinion there are many things that we want to say or discuss but we sheldom do. i don't know about others, but i, for one, felt a need for such place and here it is.

i recently saw a few movies which made me think. one was a hindi movie named "Na Tum Jano Na Hum". one of the biggest bores i've come across. after watching the movie, i wondered what made the producers and the director make such a piece of junk. the only reason that i could think of was that perhaps, at some level, they wanted to pass a message to todays youngsters that love should not be just physical - based on looks. it should be based on mutual understanding where each is free o express him / her without feeling ackword. there should be complete understanding between the two. and people shpuldmarry only if this lvel of understanding is reached.

will express myself about other movies in my next log.
These days i'm not getting any spare time - hence no new posts. but i'll definitely make new postings soon.

Hi there.
I've made this page as a place for myself and all of us to share information, views and whatever else you might feel like to share. More often than not, we find ourslves longing or need to express ourselves, to show our emotions or just let ourselves go on a wild tour, but we can't. Here, We CAN!!

Feel free to say whatever you feel like, even if it's plain rubbish. Who knows, someday it might turn out to be useful for someone else !! But don't forget, the basic idea of creating this page is to exchange information freely.