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How do the transit systems of the world really compare?

Artist and urban planner Neil Freeman lines up various transit systems to illustrate just how they compare, at scale

How to Bridge the Energy Gap

India has a unique opportunity to bridge its energy gap with renewable sources. India is on the road to development. Urban populations are growing exponentially, rural villages are being electrified and the emerging middle-class is flaunting its newfound wealth. But this growth begets challenges. One of the pressing challenges will be providing energy to all that requires it. McKinsey estimates that by 2017, India’s energy demand could be as high as 335 gigawatts (GW)—up from just 120 GW in 2008. In order to meet this demand, India will have to triple its current capacity. Not an easy task. However, this seemingly difficult challenge also presents a great opportunity. Like other developing countries, India has the option of meeting its growing energy demand by employing clean energy solutions. In a way, starting off right is easier than trying to implement new technologies after the fact. This is the dilemma facing many developed countries—the United States, Japan and Germany. If India…