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Stocks I hold and love

I checked my stock portfolio few days back, and to my joy found that it was out of red now. I like trading in stocks, but I do not trade very regularly. And as a rule, I buy stocks only with long term horizon - min 1 year. I tried intraday trading too, and made some profit, but felt it was too small to merit the time and effort that goes into it. Further, I trade / invest with very small capital base, comprising of my own savings, thus the proportionate margin given by my broker is small too.
Warren Buffet said: Buy high, sell higher!! Though I do not strictly adhere to this maxim, I do not really mind buying a stock I like or have faith in even if it is trading high. There are often times when I find myself with some ideal cash, and I go on buying spree. Since such occassions are not very frequent, I usually go ahead and buy regardless of the direction market is moving in. Another reason for investing without considering the direction in market is moving is that since I invest for lon…

Azim Premji - My Lessons in Life

Someone recently mailed this article to me. I was about to treat it as another one of the numerous senseless forwards that we receive everyday from our aquaintances, that few lines caught my eyes. Here, Azim Premji, the one time richest Indian in the world, talks about his life and lessons that he has learned in his life.
I would've loved to publish the entire article had it been in text format. But since I'm too lazy to type the entire thing by reading the article, I'm posting it as a pic. Do go through it. :)