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Business schools or Hogwarts school of money?

Came across this post on Mostly Economics where the author talks about experiences and observations of Anuvaub Paul (a comedian) after his interactions with students of a B-school in Pune.  

Being an MBA himself Anuvaub is really surprised to see students having similar career choices as they had during his time. He is also disappointed how clueless students are and are just chasing these jobs for salaries so that edu loan can be repaid.

His post highlights the herd mentality that we are so prone to, esp while pursuing courses like MBA where stop seeing beyond obvious career choices. And this view is further narrowed down to more glamorous or higher paying jobs like consulting or investment banking.

Makes for an interesting read. Anuvaub's post can be found here.

Click happy: Reading the consumer mind about shopping online

Forbes India site has published this very interesting result of DigitasLBI's survey across 15 countries. Its a worthwhile short read (given that most of the data has been presented well in form of graphs) for people involved in startups and e-commerce space. Even otherwise this makes for an interesting read.

Original article on Forbes India site can be found here.

D igitasLBi’s Connected Commerce survey across 15 countries shows that consumers the world over are wired the same way: While their motivations, concerns and information resources are similar, the big difference lies in the use of smartphones as a purchase device in India, compared to laptops in other countries. 

DigitasLBi’s connected commerce survey is now in its fi fth year and covers a total of 15 countries. The study was conducted online by the Institut français d'opinion publique (IFOP) between May 4 and 23, 2016, during which 1,000 internet users aged 18 years and above responded from each country. T…

Here are the 10 oldest companies in India that are still going strong…

Came across this bit on Mostly Economics - a blog I follow for its insightful articles. 
Shailesh Menon of ET Bureau has a piece of ten oldest companies in India which are still doing good: The life expectancy rate of companies is shrinking rapidly world over. According to leadership guru Steven Denning, the life expectancy rate of Fortune-500 companies has reduced from around 75 years in the 1950s to less than 15 years now. Defying this average, a list of Indian companies have been in existence for over 100 years — and several of them are still going strong.
Here is the list: Bombay Dyeing 1897Shalimar Paints 1902Bombay Burmah Trading Corp 1863Otis Elevator 1892Alembic Pharma 1907Parry & Co 1839 Kamarahatty 1887Teesta Valley Tea 1841Amluckie investment 1876Joint Stock Banks Well in banks, they just discuss nationalised banks. These remained as they were nationalised and we do not know how many would have survived. It misses the old private sector banks few of whom are more than 10…

Payoneer : Get Rs 1700 Free Sign Up Bonus For Indians

This article was originally published here.

Payoneer is one of India’s oldest online payment systems. The company which was the leader in online payments shut shop in 2011 because of RBI’s restrictions on certain account features. Now in 2016, Payoneer has relaunched it’s flagship product for Indian entrepreneurs and freelancers. The Mastercard Debit card which was issued along with every new Payoneer account has now been discontinued for Indian account holders. So you can no longer withdraw your earnings directly from the ATM and are instead required to transfer it your bank account first. Signing up for this new service will save you hundreds of dollars in charges that Paypal users have been paying for years. Did you know you could also earn US$25 (Rs1700) for just signing up on Payoneer ? Click on the link given below to get your free bonus ! This is a limited time inaugural offer for Indian users. Once your account is approved you can immediately start receiving money from abroad.

What is Nestlé Waters Hiding?

For better part of past year or two, I have tried to avoid buying bottled water as much as possible. My reason has been simple - first bottles are made of plastic which is highly toxic to environment. Further, I strongly feel tap water (at most places with basic level of hygiene) are good enough to drink. Another factor is the absolute high premium charged by companies on bottled water.

Some companies have even gone to the extent of claiming that drinking water should not be a fundamental right of humans! Wow! How far can we migrate from basic ethos just to chase some profit - as if all other opportunities to ear profit and run a business have dried up.

That is why this article published by Story of Stuff Project (you should follow the site if you aren't already) is very important. The article throws light on how companies are exploiting natural resources in ways that have long term impact on ecology of regions without being held accountable for the damages caused.

Reproducing the…

The God Delusion of Arvind Kejriwal

I do not always agree with what Blogger Amit Verma writes on his popular blog India Uncut, but when I read this article on Arvind Kejriwal, I simple had to share it here.

I think it summarizes everything about Kejriwal that we love to complain about. You can read the article at its original location here

In theory, a devout politician is a good thing. A politician who believes in God seems to accept the existence of an entity more powerful than himself, and that should be a reassuring thought to Indian voters. We have plenty of devout politicians here, and while the ones in the ruling party are most vocal about it, opposition politicians aren’t far behind. Take Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, for example. When he was sworn in as chief minister at the Ramlila Maidan,Kejriwal repeatedly thanked God for his newfound status. “I thank the Supreme Father, Ishwar, Allah, Waheguru,” he breathlessly proclaimed, trying to cover all bases. And in case the concerned gods missed it, he later…

Would Warren Buffett buy the iPhone 7? Probably not!!

Came across this very interesting article in today's Economic Times feed. Really makes you think if buying the new #iphone7 is worth the amount you need to shell out.

This article makes a very compelling case that for any value conscious consumer, there are many other phones available in the market - mostly at lower price point, with similar or better features.

The entire debate can be summed up with the Buffet quote cited in the article:

Buffett has been quoted as saying: "'Price is what you pay; value is what you get. Whether we're talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down." Clearly value for money is Buffett's motto and the iPhone 7 is definitely not 'marked down'.  I would definitely rate this as a must read article before one decides to go and buy the new #iphone

Original article can be found here