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How to Find Out Where You Can Travel Without a Visa

Thinking about taking an international trip, but not sure were to go? One of the first considerations for many people around the world is whether or not you’ll need a visa for your dream destination? With Passport Index, that search just got a lot easier. And if you’re travelling as a group, it’s easy to draw up a quick comparison of up to four nationalities at a time. So how does it work? When you visit Passport Index, you’ll find a list of countries arranged by alphabetical order. Next to that, are four columns where you can fill in your nationality to find out the travel requirements for your destinations. Passport Index will tell you if your travel to that country is visa free, requires a visa, or if you can apply for a visa on arrival. Each country will also receive a “Visa-Free” score – which tallies up the number of countries you can visit without a visa. In addition to searching by your own nationality, you can also compare by destination. So if you’ve narrowed your travel pl…