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Story of Stuff

I came across this video more than a year back, and it immediately caught my attention. I felt that it talks about some very relevant issues, and we all should so our bit so that mroe and more people watch this, and hopefully, take something away from it.
One of our Professors even screened this during one of his classes, and I know for a fact that it change the outlook of atleast one (other than me) of his students. To quote him, 'I was earlier a believer of consumerism, but having seen this video, I'm now a believer of anti-consumerism.'
Everywhere around me, I see ourselves slowly and steadily heading towards crisis. This summer, temperature everywhere has been off the charts. Almost everyone I know has been complaining about excessive heat, and global warming has been quite a buzz word. But I dont notice anyone doing their bit to reduce global warming. As I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, one does not need to take some major steps to contribute, small changes …

Few things to keep in mind while studying at IIMs

I recently came across a list of 50 things that MIT's admission department recommends its undergraduate students to keep in mind while they are studying at MIT. This list was composed by MIT alumni who was then allowed to post it on a blog maintained by admission department. I found this to be a pretty cool idea, and hope that IIMs too would come up with something similar soon enough. We already have websites and forums facilitating interaction and mentoring of all those who get calls for GD & PI during the interview process. While at the campus, our Alumni Association does an excellent job of facilitating interaction of students with numerous alums pursuing careers in diverse fields. During induction we have some very senior alums who talk about pretty similar, if not same things like the one mentioned in this post. However, I feel use of blogs by the admission department takes student interaction to an entirely different level altogether. Way to go! I have modified the list …