LEARN::: Silence,playfulness,receptivity


Learn silence. And at least with your friends, with your lovers, with your family, with your fellow travelers here, sit in silence sometimes. Don't go on gossiping, don't go on talking. Stop talking, and not only on the outside - stop the inner talk. Be in an interval. Just sit, doing nothing, just being presences to each other. And soon you will start finding a new way to communicate. And that is the right way.

Start communicating through silence sometimes. Holding the hand of your friend, sit silently. Just looking at the moon, feel the moon, and both feel it silently. And see, a communion happens - not only communication, but also a communion. Your hearts start beating in the same rhythm. You start feeling the same space. You start feeling the same joy. You start overlapping each other's being. That is communion. You have said without saying anything, and there will be no misunderstanding.



You have to accept the fact that you are living alone ? maybe in a crowd, but you are living alone; maybe with your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, but they are alone in their aloneness, you are alone in your aloneness, and those aloneness don't touch each other, never touch each other.

That you may live with someone for twenty years, thirty years, fifty years ? it makes no difference, you will remain strangers. Always and always you will be strangers. Accept the fact that we are strangers; that we don't know who you are, that you don't know who I am. I myself don't know who I am, so how can you know? But people are presuming that the wife should know the husband, the husband is assuming the wife should know the husband. Everybody is functioning as if everybody is a mind reader, and he should know, before you say it, your needs, your problems. He should know, she should know ? and they should do something. Now this is all nonsense.

Nobody knows you, not even you, so don't expect that anybody else should know you; it is not possible in the very nature of things. We are strangers. Perhaps by chance we have met and we are together, but our aloneness is there. Don't forget it, because you have to work upon it. Only from there is your redemption, your salvation. But you are doing just the opposite: how to forget your aloneness? The boyfriend, the girlfriend; go to the movie, the football match; get lost in the crowd, dance in the disco, forget yourself, drink alcohol, take drugs, but somehow don't let this aloneness come to your conscious mind ? and there lies the whole secret.

You have to accept your aloneness, which in no way you can avoid. And there is no way to change its nature. It is your authentic reality. It is you.



If you can trust, something or other will always happen and will help your growth. You will be provided for. Whatsoever is needed at a particular time will be given to you, never before it. You get it only when you need it, and there is not even a single moment's delay. When you need it you get it, immediately, instantly! That's the beauty of trust. By and by you learn the ways of how existence goes on providing for you, how existence goes on caring about you. You are not living in an indifferent existence. It does not ignore you. You are unnecessarily worried; all is provided for. Once you have learnt the knack of trust, all worry disappears.



Love is the most healing force in the world; nothing goes deeper than love. It heals not only the body, not only the mind, but also the soul. If one can love then all one's wounds disappear. Then one becomes whole - and to be whole is to be holy.

Unless one is whole one is not holy. The physical health is a superficial phenomenon. It can happen through medicine, it can happen through science. But the innermost core of one's being can be healed only through love. Those who know the secret of love know the greatest secret of life. Then there is no misery for them, no old age, no death. Of course the body will become old and the body will die, but love reveals to you the truth that you are not the body. You are pure consciousness; you have no birth, no death. And to live in that pure consciousness is to live in tune with life. Bliss is a by-product of living in tune with life.

The Master

The master is the last barrier on the path. The love for the master is difficult to drop. One can drop everything ? one can renounce the whole world, one can renounce himself ? but unless the last thing also is dropped, that small clinging with the master remains the base for your ego.

Gautam Buddha has said, "If you meet me on the way, immediately cut my head." He is talking metaphorically. Because when you are meditating everything will disappear, but finally, you will see the master is there. When the whole world has disappeared the master is there. That is your last love, and it is so satisfying, so gratifying, that one wants to be in that state forever.

Only the master can say, "This is not the goal. One step more: remove this attachment with the master too, so you are absolutely unattached." In absolute unattachment the ego disappears. The disappearance of the ego is not the disappearance of you. The disappearance of the ego is really the appearance of you for the first time; the false disappears and the true comes to revelation.


It is difficult, but it has to be made possible. It is not impossible because many have done it. And you are not doing it against the master; you are fulfilling the last message of the master. Let the ego disappear. But it will disappear only when there is no attachment. And the moment there is no ego at all, for the first time you are. Then you will feel grateful towards the master forever because if he had not been insistent, you would have remained in that beautiful state. But there is something beyond, more; and the master would not like you to be stuck on the path.

The master wants you to be totally liberated, liberated from everything; he is included in that `everything´.



Love is innocent when there is no motive in it. Love is innocent when it is nothing but a sharing of your energy. You have too much, so you share... you want to share.

And whosoever shares with you, you feel grateful to him or her, because you were like a cloud - too full of rainwater - and somebody helped you to unburden. Or you were like a flower, full of fragrance, and the wind came and unloaded you. Or you had a song to sing, and somebody listened attentively... so attentively that he allowed you space to sing it. So to whomsoever helps you to overflow in love, feel grateful.

Imbibe that spirit of sharing, let that become your very style of life: to be capable of giving without any idea of getting, to be capable of giving without any conditions attached to it, to be capable of giving just out of your abundance.



Understanding cannot be studied; nobody can teach it to you. You have to be a light unto yourself. You have to seek and search within your own being, because it is already there at the very core. If you dive deep you will find it. You will have to learn how to dive within yourself - not in the scriptures, but within your own existence.



Man has been on a long pilgrimage. Nobody is new here. We are all very ancient pilgrims. You have seen the whole evolution of human consciousness. You have been part of it.

We have always been here - in different forms, in different bodies, doing different things, but we have been here. And we are going to be here forever. There is no way for us to disappear from existence. Nothing can be destroyed and nothing can be added to existence. Existence is always exactly the same.

This insight takes you beyond time - and to go beyond time is to go beyond misery. To know the timeless is to enter into the world of bliss. You are the ancient one, the timeless one, the eternal one. So no need to be worried about small things, no need to be too concerned about mundane things. They come and go. You abide. Remember that which abides, which never comes, never goes. That is the ultimate, and that is within you as it is within everybody else



Truth cannot be sought - one can simply be receptive, that's all. One can open the doors and wait. One can say only this much, "If the divine guest comes, you will be received, welcomed. I don't know who you are, and I don't know your address and I cannot even send an invitation. But whosoever you are, and whomsoever it concerns, if you come, my doors will be open - you will not find them closed." That's all that a seeker can do. And that's all that is needed to be done. Mores than that is not possible and is not needed.

So let this posture be your deep attitude. One has to become receptive. The search for truth is not a male search. It is a feminine search - just like feminine energy - receptive. Not like a male - aggressive.

Meditative ness is simply a deep receptivity, a readiness, and an open door.



It is only through intensity that one arrives. When all your desires, when all your passions become one flame, it is intensity. When there is only one desire left inside you and your total being supports that one, it is intensity. It is exactly what the word says: in-tensity. The opposite word is ex-tensity. You are spread out; you have a thousand and one desires, many fragmentary desires - one going to the north, one going to the south. You are being pulled apart. You are not one, you are a crowd. And if you are a crowd you will be miserable. If you are a crowd you will never feel any fulfillment. You don't have any center. Intensity means creating a center in you.

When all the arrows are coming towards the center, when all the fragments are joined together, integration arises. Becoming centered, concentrated inwards, that is the meaning of intensity. Sometimes you have known moments, in some danger when all your thought disappear, the crowd will become one. In that moment you will be one single individual, indivisible. You will be undivided, one unity. The death facing you has created the intensity. Or in love sometimes there is intensity. All else becomes irrelevant, peripheral. Only the love is all and the whole of your heart.

When such intensity arises in meditation, it brings you to the ultimate. You arrive home.



Seriousness is sickness, it is not a device. It leads to death, not to eternal life. Life is playfulness, fun, because the whole existence is a tremendous circus. It is all fun ? all the colors of the flowers, so many beautiful animals, birds, clouds, and for no purpose; they don't serve any purpose. There is no goal to life. Life is a play unto itself. It is sheer abundance of energy, overflowing energy ? existence goes on expanding.

No God has created it, because whenever something is created there is purpose. Whenever something is created there is a motive, and when somebody creates it, the created can never be anything other than a machine. Existence has no use as such, it remains eternal, an eternal play of energies in millions of forms.

Fun is the most sacred word, far more sacred than prayer. It is the only word that can give you a sense of playfulness, can make you again a child. You can start running after butterflies, searching for seashells on the beach, colored stones.

"Life is not the amounts of breath you take.....
Its the moments that take ur breath away.."


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