Of moments gone (An eligy for time)

Of moments gone (An eligy for time)
by Shobhana kumar

All that remains now are remnants of you,
A memoir of memories of what could have been
Some bric-a-brac and trivia once held dear
A platter of emotions unfelt and unseen

You lie now, gnarled and garbled in my veins
In wisps of white that streak my thoughts,
I watch you slip by, moment by moment
And lament the loss of the life I have lost

Sad, I imagined you'd wait all eternity
And that I could always relive and rewind
And now, as you advance hour after hour,
All I do is replay dreams in my mind

Alas you have gone, leaving me to mourn
The unopened treasures that lie before my eye
And now I will tick away into oblivion soon
My memory, a portrayal of a sad, petty life

O come back to me, just once I pray,
For I promise to unlock each of those treasures
Give me some time just one more time,
To savour a little of life's million pleasures

.. a beautiful poem.. isnt it?? :)

"I walk a lonely road
The only road that I've ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone.."


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