Why Black?

Those of you who have been following my blog regularly, the change in background color must've come as a surprise. Of all the designs and colors available, i chose black. Plain, simple, dark black. 


The reason is that black screen uses less energy than any other color. And i got to know about this from the site Blackle. 

A simple search on net throws up a lot of pro and anti black screen analysis. However, the fact remains that black screens, when used on normal monitors does save energy consumption. And I believe that in India atleast, there are more users of normal screen than LCD monitors. Hence, I chose to keep my blog's background black.

On a elated note, it is said that education opens one's eyes and makes him/her feel more responsible. Its true, atleast in my case. Though the ideas were always there I guess, but after having studied certain subjects and getting to know things in detail, I feel more responsible towards our environment and the amount of energy we consume. Hence, this attempt to save energy.

Any opinions, guys?


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