Improve vocabulary while doing charity!

How nice do you think it would be that you could some charity without having to donate anything.. not even your time?

How convenient  would it be if we never had to leave the comfort of our home / office and yet we could donate to those who need it?

And what could be better if, in the process, you stand to gain something, which is not philosophical like mental satisfaction etc etc??

FreeRice is a charity site with a difference. The site allows you to play word games and helps you improve / test your vocabulary. And for each correct answer you give, it donates some rice to the hungry. Nice, isn't it?

I now have it open permanently in a window and go play whenever I want to take a short break. You should try it too.


Jigisha said…
Thank you so much for sharing this...!! You have earned your points dear...God will bless you for this. :)
Psychobabble said…
Payal-It would still help if people donated to NGOS like unicef and cry and oxfam.

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