here is my first serious posting.

i've thought a lot about god. people say that my thoughts are more akin to that of an athiest. may be so. i don't pray, i don't bow before i leave home (as mom keeps telling me to) and i avoid going to temples. in hindus (that's what i am) i find that the gods need a lot of pampering. they get angry if u don't pray to them, they reward u if u pray a lot, they need gifts to keep them happy and in short, need to be treated like someone special. at our homes, if someone young behaves this way, we call him / her spoilt. then why do we over look this with gods ? some of the hindu gods have all the faults that an ordinary mortal might have, and still we're made to bow before them. why ?

Shouldn't a god be above all these faults ? In my opinion, god should be someone who is above all the faults that we humans have. he should be willing to forgive our biggest sins instead of getting angry. true in some cases punishment is necessary, and he should punish some. but he shouldn't need to instill fear in our minds. he shouldn't be over willing to help his devottees only, as we find is the case when we read old scriptures. he should be willing to help one and all.

there r a lot of other faults too. i'll discuss them later.



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