hi !

i had started this log because i wanted to express myself. in my opinion there are many things that we want to say or discuss but we sheldom do. i don't know about others, but i, for one, felt a need for such place and here it is.

i recently saw a few movies which made me think. one was a hindi movie named "Na Tum Jano Na Hum". one of the biggest bores i've come across. after watching the movie, i wondered what made the producers and the director make such a piece of junk. the only reason that i could think of was that perhaps, at some level, they wanted to pass a message to todays youngsters that love should not be just physical - based on looks. it should be based on mutual understanding where each is free o express him / her without feeling ackword. there should be complete understanding between the two. and people shpuldmarry only if this lvel of understanding is reached.

will express myself about other movies in my next log.


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