Yesterday i saw The Recruit. Al Pacino starred in it in a negetive role and did it quite well. Well, the morale of the movie seemed to be "nothing is what it seems". It was a movie based on the CIA and the shrowd of secrecy it operates in. Sons, after they join "The Company" are not told about what their father did when they worked for the CIA and how he died.

Lately i've started looking for morale in every movie i watch and have also started hoping that the movie makers have some secret aim behind making these movies with morale, that they want to make the world a better place to live in and are trying to contribute in what ever way they can. Sometime back i saw a movie called "Behind Enemy Lines". Though it was a good movie, it was one movie in which i couldn't find much of a morale and just plain stupid patriotism and loyality by a commander towards his cadets. Maybe, loyalty was the morale of that movie but in my opinion they failed beautifully in getting the message across.

Among other things, the phone line at my house - my primary place to access the net, is out of order since the last few days. I had thought that since i'm not accessing the net, i'll use this time to type something to upload on my b - log. But being the lazy guy that i am, i simply didn't do it. So, i'm doing it now, here at the office.

That's it for the time being. More later.


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