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Value those friends who find time for you in their calender, but cherish those friends who don't consult their calender when u need them.
Each time i miss you, a star falls down from the sky. So, if find the sky dark with no stars its all your fault. You made me miss you too much.
Dosti naam hai sukh dukh ki kahani ka, dosti raaz hai sada muskurane ka, ye koi palbhar ki pehchan nahi, dosti sath hai umar bhar nibhane ka.
My friend should be my medicine when i am in pain, my letter when i am far, my smile when i am sad, my handkerchief when i cry, my life when i die.
If care is a wave i'll give you sea, if respect is a leaf i give u tree, if trust is a planet i give u the universe, if friendship is life i give u me...
Ek din humare aansoo humse pooch baithe, hame roz roz kyu bulate ho? humne kaha hum yaad unhe karte hai, tum kyu chale aate ho??
When nights are long and friends are few, I sit by my window and think of you... a silent wisper, a silent tear... with all my hearet i wish you were here.
To love and care for someone is nothing, to be loved and cared by someone is something. But to be loved and cared by someone whom you love and care is everything.
Chiragon se andhere door ho jaate, to chaand ki chaahat kise hoti. Kat sakti akeli yeh zindagi, to dosti naam ki chiz hi kyon hoti.
I am not Shakespear, so can't write a lot. Three words to say "forget me not". Another 3 words, so tender and true, straight from my heart, ILU.
Rone se ghame dil ka ghame dil ka guzara nahi hota, har shaks dil ka sahara nahi hota, us roz lagta hai bekar jiye hum, jis roz kbhi zikr tumhara nahi hota...
Na pucho humse koi baat, ki jindagi khud ek sawal banke reh gayi hai, dard itne hai sine mey, ki khushi ek khayal ban ke reh gayi hai.
U know sometimes my eyes feel jealous of my heart... cause u r close to my heart but far from my eyes...
I live by faith and not by sight. So whether i see you or not, I know that You are still the same, a friend worth keeping till the end.
Relationship is like a violin... music may stop now n then but strings are attached forever... So if you be in touch or not, you are always remembered.
If at any time your life's like a "Candle in the wind", then i'll put my hands around you so that all burns are mine and all light is yours,,, its a promise.
Na chaho kisi ko itna chahat tumhari majburi ban jaye... Chaho kisi ko itna tumhare pyar uske liye jaruri banjaye...
badi aasani se DIL lagaye jate hai, per badi muskil se wade nibhaye jate hai, le jati hai Mohabbat un rahon pe jahan Diye nahi DIL jalaye jatein hain.
The golden words are "don't cry in love" bcoz, for whom you are crying does not deserve your tears and the person who deserves it will never let you cry...
Savera kta hua sitaro ko bhool gaye, suraj kya aaya chand ko bhool gaye, guzre kya kuch pal humare bina, aap hame bhool gaye. 


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