Successful Future - Focus on what you like....

Successful Future...

Focus On
What You Like,
Rather Than
What You Don't Like

The easiest way to dig yourself out of a rut is to focus on
what you have got going for you, rather than what is against
you. We spend most of our waking lives getting stressed over
things that we don't like about ourselves, or situations
that we have got ourselves into.

For example, instead of complaining about why you are
poor...force yourself to focus on what you can change so that
you will NOT be poor in the future.

Action Point:

Why are you not letting yourself live to your full potential?

Write down those things about yourself that you like...
or that
other people have commented on.
Now write down three ways
that you can improve on each one.
Make a decision to work on
a different one every day.

ask yourself the
following question....every day...
What you have done during the past 4 Hours to reach your Goal ?
The answer what you get will put you on the winners track...

Spend just 5 minutes every day applying this knowledge...and
you will be surprised at how this, in conjunction with your
higher target, will move you forward.

"It takes a minute to have a crush an hour to like someone and a day to love someone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone" Be in touch..


"Life may not be the party we had hoped for...
But while we are here, we might as well dance."


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