The hypocricy of Indian Mythology & Hinduism

My sis was totally scandalized when I explained to her last evening that the Shiva ling that we worship is actually Lord Shiva's penis...and the round thing that forms the base of the lingam is actually the vagina of the Mother Goddess...! I also actually found this out only a year or so back- and was equally scandalized..! :D

The more I read about things like these, the more I get disillusioned by the whole concept of Hinduism and religion. I haven't read the Vedas or the Bhagwat...whatever concepts I have, are only from what society has taught me... but the dichotomy that this society follows is not acceptable to me. You can pray to Gods' private parts, you can be proud of your Khajuraho temples, you can tell stories about Krishna's raas leela, yet you cannot discuss sex with your children...?

Read this: The Shiv Ling, is representative of the most wonderful and miraculous feature of life itself. What distinguishes life from non-life, after all? Above all else, the ability to reproduce its own kind. It is the consummation of the vast and different energies of the male and female universal prerogative, of which the Shiv Ling in union is a symbol- celebrating the fact that humankind has two sexes, each with its unique attributes and qualities, and when they come together, they produce a synergy, they create MORE life, they become more than the sum of their individual parts.

All I have to say is that, if you actually consider this true, then why is sex such a taboo in our country? And yet our population is growing at this rate? Why is Shiva's tandav spiritual, but your daughter dancing in a disco, vulgarity? At least be true to yourself and decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong. Don't go by the hypocrisies that is Indian Society.

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