Status Msgs...

It is quite interesting to go through the status msgs people keep on their messengers. From merely a tool to indicate whether a person is busy or free or involved in certain activities, it has become an effective tool not only to show what's on one's mind, to also promote certain events and products on a case to case basis!!! It is thus I have decided to note down some of the status msgs that I find interesting. Contributions are welcome :)

This one is from Saurav Goyal, who at the time of this post is working with VSNL in Chennai:

Dream is not what i see when i sleep, but it is something which does not let me sleep!

And this one comes from Meghna - another Calvin and Bobbes fan, as I have inferred from her status msgs:

A day full of possibilities. It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy... Let's go exploring.


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