Reduce your carbon footprint: Use mobile to surf internet

Came across this interesting article on one of blogs I follow regularly. Nokia has started new campaign claiming that surfing net on mobile phone results in substantial reduction in carbon emission and energy consumption when compared with computer. If this is true, I think we all should switch to mobile phones!! I know many of my friends are already using their cell phones to stay connected on twitter, facebook et al.

Here is the video that Nokia has floated on net:

Nokia says that updating your Facebook status from a mobile phone consumes about 100 times less energy than if you were to do the same activity from a desktop PC.

Also, if only 100 million people were to use mobile phones instead of desktop computers to browse the Internet one hour a day, the amount of energy saved would be roughly equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 430,000 cars.

There are about 1.4 billion Internet users worldwide and around 46% of them use Internet from both PC and their mobile phones according to this chart from DataViz.


Thoughts, people?

P.S.: The original article can be found here


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