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I have been thinking about changing the header picture of the blog, and have shortlisted some pictures. Now I need your help in selecting the one that goes best with blog title - Platter of half baked ideas. Please suggest which among these pictures should I use for header? Alternately, you can also suggest some other picture that might be suitable.

So guys, please comment and let me know your choice.


Psychobabble said…
1st one.
Jigisha said…
i liked 14th one...blub surrounded by a group of suggests the nature of your blog, where in your post and the idea in it is taken by many and reflected to each other through their views and comments on the same.
I like the composition of 13th pic… it does not scream EUREKA!!
The bulbs are glowing and someone is looking at them (thoughtfully, I guess.)
This gives the idea that ideas are already there... You just have to look up to them and ccp :)
pearl said…
The 1st one is a very cute pic..but for the blog i like two: the one with 'focus'- hand trying to grab the bulb, and the bulb surrounded by a group..
Sanjana said…
1st or 7th
Vikas said…
Reny said…
2nd one!!
Reny said…
2nd one!!

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