I wonder if anybody bothers to read my logs, even though initially I had mailed the link to a few. I won't blame if anybody initially got hooked to my logs and then left it, because I rarely bother to update it. Actually the log has been just another of my fancy whims and fantasies that take over me from time to time. And what's more, when I do update it, mostly the stuff is stolen - received by me in mails or other such source. The poem that I had pasted is one good example that comes to my mind.

Anyways, now on to serious stuff. I hope not to steal anymore, except occasionally - like this time around. Recently, while searching for information on Dhirubhai Ambani, I stumbled upon a log named "Rumbling Ramblings", written by Gaurav Sabnis - a student of IIM Lucknow and a resident of Pune, I think, as far as I was able to make out from his logs. Though I've gone thru a few other logs (none of them was an accidental stumbling or a find like this one) but I take the trouble of mentioning this one 'cause I found Gaurav's logs very humorous. Cheers Gaurav, if u ever do go thru my logs. Well, I'm once again stealing something - this time I'll shamelessly mention the source - it's from Gaurav's logs and presuming that Gaurav won't mind this, I hereby present the following "Pappuplagiarisms" as Gaurav chooses to call them; and to give Gaurav the credit that is due to him, I'm copying and pasting (something that I do a lot !!) his whole blog which is as follows:

"Saturday, July 06, 2002
Just met Chaitanya and Chinmay online. I seem to have too much time on my hands, since this is the first week and the hectic schedule hasn't really been implemented. Until then I'll keep boring you people. Here is something I came up with, assisted a little by Chaitanya.

You all must have seen the movie Deewana Mastana, and enjoyed the character Pappu Pager played by Satish Kaushik. He used a lot of hilarious invectives that have now achieved cult status. We decided to term them pappupagerisms. Here are a few of the original ones in the movie, and my additions (pappuplagiarisms???)-


Abey marey huey kauvve ke pankh

Matar ke aakhri daney

Keley ke chilkey ke nichley hissey

Shamshan ke bujhe huey koyle

Some of My own Pappupagerisms

Abey mazdoor ke paseeney ke boond

Bembi(bellybutton) ke andar ke lint

Keyboard ke buttons ke beech ki gandagi

Jali hui roti ke parat

Baingan ke bhartey ke daney

Forwarded email ke nichley hissey (this one by Chaitanya)

Lecture ke aakhiri minute

TurboC++ code ke error message window

Baasi machli ki poonch

Mumbai ki local key andar ke advertisement poster

Dilli ke golgappey waley ki stove (shto?) ki pin

Lucknow ke tempodriver ke paan ki thoonk

That's all I could come up with. You fellas(and fillies) are welcome to add your own. Looking forward to valuable inputs.

written by Gaurav Sabnis 3:20 PM"

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