The more I surf the net, the more I realize what a treasure chest it is. One just needs a good connection, preferably a cable connection because in India, no matter who the service provider is, TCP/IP connection is and I feel will remain insufficient to tap the full potential of Internet. There are so many softwares that can be downloaded, not all of them pirated or violating some law and put to good use. There are softwares like Open Office (to name only one) that are as good as, if not better than Microsoft Office, and they come free and can be freely downloaded from the net. Then there is the mother, or maybe father (I'm never sure of the gender with which to refer the softwares) of the free software movement and probably the most famous of them all, LINUX!! I've not had a chance to use it - yet, but as far as my knowledge goes, it's a terrific software and I'm just dying to get my hands on a copy. I could have arranged for a copy earlier also but then, I don't have enough space in my hard disk so I just didn't bother. But now that I've decided to turn my comp into a PWS - personal web server, I've decided to buy a new Hard disk which is not too expensive, and then, Linux here I come!!

To access the best of net, one just needs to have the basic idea of how to look for the right stuff. As they say (don't ask me who) - u have to be at the right place at the right time, or atleast have the brains to punch the right keys, to get the right stuff. Nowadays, even reputed search engines like "Google" are unreliable because of the way they function and so, one should know how to access the deep web when some serious research is to be done. More on the "Deep Web" later as I'm still learning to exploit it to it's full potential yet. But till then, the available search engines should do for the new and average users.


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