Today I saw the movie "The Net" staring Sandra Bullock [hope I got the spelling right!! if I didn't, plz don't mind Sandra ;-)] and a guy I don't know name of. Anyways, the stars are not important considering what I've got to say. Well, the movie was about how someone with malicious intentions can use the net and other resources to change out lives, which is increasingly becoming more and more dependant on the net. The population of India, yet, is not as dependent on the net as the people of the so-called "Developed countries" are. So, I guess we don't have much to worry about in the near future. But considering the speed with which we are going online for everything, wouldn't it be better if proper safety measures were put in place while the net is still in it's "Infancy" India?? I just hope that the people who have the power to make this happen, namely the politicians and the ministers - most of whom happen to be illiterate in our great country, somehow get at least this right - for once.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for that.


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