Life Is A Tunnel

The world is a circle spinning round & around.
Sometimes it's hard to keep both feet on the ground.
Sometimes we lose our balance, and fall out of place.

Yesterday I lost my way in the crowd.
I started to yell & scream very loud.
Today I managed to make it through it.
I heard a little voice that kept saying
'Just Do It'

Life is a tunnel, we all must pass through
None of us are certain,

Just where it may lead us to
For some of us it may be long
The turns we take, may sometimes be wrong.
We try to keep on the path that is clear.
That will be the least, of all our fear.
To move in the direction that is right
To reach the end of the tunnel, to see the light.
So try to be happy and not sad.
Cause life isn't really always that bad.
Tommorrow, I'll leave behind the sorrow.
Because this life here on earth, is only on borrow.


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