Such is life...

Whoever coined the phrase "life's not fare" hit the bull's eye. What's more, life's sometimes more unfair to one than the other. people so easily moveon, rarely giving a thought to the pain being felt by the one they left behind. why is it that i have to carry the burden of everybody's emotions and problems and as soon as people start feeling better, after having shared their feelings wid me, they move on so easily? don't.... can't they understand that even i need a support??? even i need respect? if i keep someone else's words, then is it wrong on my part to expect that someone else to keep some of my words? or to atleast respect my feelings?
why does the fate conspire against me, always, without fail? wanting or iking somebody or something has always been the sure shot way for me to lose that thing/ person. i guess i'm made to be a loner, i was a loner, am a loner and will remain a loner. life teaches me all my lessons the hard way. so be it. it just taught me one, in a manner that hurt me to my core.
But not anymore. this was the last straw. this time, i change the rules of the game. now the game will be played on a different field, a location of my choosing, in a manner acceptable to me. let life be unfair.... let it try all the tricks it can. I CAN WIN... I HAVE TO WIN... for the sake of all that is dependent on me, for myself, for my family and everything that has me as its center. a lot is at stake with me and i can't give up without a fight. I WILL WIN.. COME WHAT MAY... and then i'll say.. life's fair after all!!!
This post comes from a very frustated mind, so may be ignored by readers, if there are at all any for my blog. my ref to this post: "caused by the events which took place on 5th of sep., 2004, when i gave two tests in a single day, one for IMS at st. xaviers and the other for CL at st. lawrence."


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