lets join hands and contribute in our own little ways...

Dear friends,

I'm sure all of u have heard abt the earth quake in Sumatra and all
the effects of Tsunami which hit many places including Malaysia, Sri
Lanka, India and many other countries.

Lots of lives have been taken away by this disaster.

Pls let us take a moment to pray for all those who perished~~ May they
rest in peace~~ and to all their loved ones ~~ May the GOD shower them
with the will and strength to go thru this test and
carry on with their lives~~

Hope this msg will reach to the victims worldwide.

Pls take a moment to post this msg in ur buletin after gving them a
moment of prayer. Pls also add your name in the list.

Thank you and Happy New Year 2005!

Kalpana S.Ghandi (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Subra (KL, Malaysia)
Dinesh Martin(Cameron Highlands,Pahang)
Padmajothi( Sitiawan, Perak D.R )
Sri Krishna( Johor bahru, Johor)
Rina Threasa ( Johor Bahru , Johor)
Priya Darshini(Sunway, Selangor)
naved panjwani(karachi,pakistan)
Tanya (Qld, Australia)
Atul (New Delhi, India)
Rupali (Delhi, India)
Rahul(New Delhi, India)
neetu(new delhi, india)
Vinamr ( New Delhi, India )
Priya (kolkata, india)
Harsh Khorana(Calcutta, India)
Aditi Sett(Kolkata, India)
Gagan Agrawal (Calcutta, India)


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