You really brighten my day and Smiling Tears

You really brighten my day

The days of cloud or sunshine,
The moments that we share,
The timely word, the thoughtful line,
The note that says "I care"...

Mean more to me than I can say,
So it's time, I think, you knew,
How much it brightens up my day
To have a friend like you!

What brightens all my memories
Is the great times that we've shared...
You're one of those special people
'Cause you take the time to care!

When I feel a little blue and sad,
The easiest thing for me to do,
Is remember that things can't be that bad
When I have wonderful friends like you!

Smiling Tears

A beautiful smile on your face
Lights up the whole atmosphere,
Deep within the heart
Awaits a drop of tear...

Respect for parents,
Smile for friends
Duties for siblings,
And Love for your soulmate

In this course of life,
Some one hurts, some one's annoying
One step each day,
And you learn ways of coping...

Life can be full of sorrows,
Life can be the saddest
But you can never give up
If not for yourself,
For your dearest.

When hardships strikes
When loneliness kills,
And no one's around
Look for warmth,
Look for strength within yourself.

Life will give you a thousand reasons to Cry,
But not many to spread a Smile
Look up, when life pushes you Down,
Make an effort, when things go wrong all the While.

Not that, you are the only one,
Life is harsh with so many
Only after your share of bitter experiences,
You get a hold on your honey.

Smile in good times,
Smile in Pain,
Your Loss,
Can be someone else's Gain...

You get what you deserve,
So don't try hard
Let God lead your life
And rest is Assured... !!!


"Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts... And Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted!!!"

"Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts... And Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted!!!"


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