Is The Sun In Love With Me

 Is the sun in love with me??
                                   I think the sun's in love with me.
                                   Co'z it follows me everywhere,
                                   Not a spot or a cornor it would leace,
                                   He'd just stand there and stare.
                                   Even when cloudy is the day,
                                   Not a bird or beast in sky,
                                   When I step out of the door of my house,
                                   He'd peek from behind a dark cloud and smile.
                                   He's always smiling down on me,
                                   There's not a day he isn't there,
                                    He's always up there in the sky,
                                    To catch a glimpse of me everywhere.
                                    But maybe the sun hates me so,
                                    Co'z he glares down as I walk,
                                    Not a tree or a lamp post provides a shade,
                                    He makes me think that he love me not.
                                    When he's glaring in a passionate rage,
                                    I blink and blink and sweat,
                                    With tears falling from my eyes
                                    I search for a shade ahead.
                                    He is always so angry and so raging mad,
                                    And he's everywhere I go,
                                    There's no escaping  his heat and glare
                                    As he's always there to stare.
                                    Maybe he doesn't love me so,
                                    But I'd like to think he does,
                                    Since he's everywhere I go,
                                    I think that he's in love!!!!!!!!!

"I'd rather confess I'm wrong and be right, than claim I'm right and be worng."


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