Butterfly / For those who understand.


The place where I live is a ridge, little away from the township. The place is green and beautiful with trees, grass, plants, flowers of various colors and sizes.


Plenty of insects, hoppers, and small birds start humming, singing, and jumping from plant to plant, tee to tree, and flower to flower, in the pleasant rays of the early morning sun.


During the morning walk, I observe innumerable species of colorful insects and wonder, that, this piece of land is nothing but a negligible spec on the surface of the planet, it has got all these, then the number and types of various creatures that exist on the entire plane is definitely beyond human imagination.


A couple of days back, during my morning walk a tiny butterfly, less than a centimeter, came floating in the mild breeze and sat on my arm. Its color and the design on the wings was breath taking. I kept gazing at her and felt 'this is certainly not created for naught".


The butterfly asked me "you seem to be lost in something".
I smiled and said, "I am trying to figure out the purpose of creation of the world".
She laughed and said "God created this vast universe, only to bring me into existence".
And then she flew away.


"I don't have to be what somebody else wants me to be, and I am not afraid to be what i want to be."


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