Thoughts on Leaders...

Thoughts on Leaders...

Leaders must have courage to take decisions, and followers must have the courage to do as they are told.

Disagreement is not disloyalty. Disobeying is.
A Leader is disloyal to his followers if he does not back them up to his fullest ability.
A person that has another view should be allowed to explain it.

Indeed leaders and followers should listen.
Neither should show any bias,
even if the explanation is unusual and seems unsound.
Attempts should be made to understand the divergent view.

Leaders should be able to manage their own emotions and those of their followers.
If a leader is devastated by a failed deadline or target,
he is not inspiring enought to energise
his followers to better performance the next time around.

A leader should feel for the individuals in his care.
By doing so, he ensures loyalty from his followers.

A leader should lead by personal example.
Only an energetic leader can enthuse a group of followers to be energetic.
An energetic group of followers is a dynamic,
productive and result-oriented group of followers.

A successful leader is one that does well when things are going well
and does better when things get rough.
Persistence in the face of difficulty is essential.

A good follower performs well because he has been well lead.
He performs badly because he has been badly lead.
Giving all the credit to the follower is as bad as blaming him for the failure to the team.
In the final analysis, the leader is responsible for the success or failure of his group.

Above all ...........
A Leader should ... LEAD....

"I don't have to be what somebody else wants me to be, and I am not afraid to be what i want to be."


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