Locked in my cage, I stare at the emptiness; 

this very emptiness possesses my soul

we are one.

The months pass, as do the years,

yet as time progresses, it loses all relevance.

I sit here trapped in a recurring nightmare, never to awaken.

 I feed on my own self-pity

I never hunger. I merely exist, 

  captive in this asylum, biding my time; my sole gratification, inebriated isolation. 

 The door to my cage is ajar, as is often the case, yet it's pointless to leave; 

each journey leads me back  to this God-forsaken realm of suffering and despair.

Long ago, I was free;

I remember faces, smiling faces.

A different me, in a different time  it was a time of fulfillment, of togetherness, of love.

Then one day the fantasy ended, and I was here . . .

but enough about the past; I must face my reality.

Distant voices race through my head,  as I stave off insanity.

But this time, the voice is real. Unsure of its origin,

I feel my soul is not as cold; my burden lighter.

Though I smile, I soon shiver in frustration.

Tears stream down my cheeks,

as I cannot deny that the other voice is my own,

as my rationality succumbs to my imagination.

"I don't have to be what somebody else wants me to be, and I am not afraid to be what i want to be."


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