~*~ The Impact Of Inferiority ~*~

The Impact Of Inferiority

MeaningOfLove1bby Heidy SchmidtMeaningOfLove1b

MeaningOfLove1bThe naked truth is the final trait of reality.MeaningOfLove1b

Once, proud was I.MeaningOfLove1b
As strong as an ox.
MeaningOfLove1b As compassionate as a priest.
As understanding as a therapist.
I have succumbed to the lowest form of humanity.
Courageous in my world of lies,MeaningOfLove1b
MeaningOfLove1bmy faith being deceit.

MeaningOfLove1b Like partners, I have intertwined you with me,
creating spontaneous combustion within my conscience.
I have worn myself out by running from the truth.MeaningOfLove1b
MeaningOfLove1bAnd now the mirrored image haunts me.

I am without speech, for my words are offensive.
I am without sight, for it is clouded.MeaningOfLove1b
I am without heart, for it has hardened.
MeaningOfLove1bI am without sound, for it has muffled.
I am without soul, for it has drowned. MeaningOfLove1b


"I don't have to be what somebody else wants me to be, and I am not afraid to be what i want to be."


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