A Journey Of Love

A Journey Of Love

We walk the path of life everyday
We will love many along the way

You may even look into that special someone's eyes
And fall in love, much to your surprise

You may love with all your heart
But sometimes its not enough and it will all fall apart

You will ask yourself How? and Why?
Your eyes will swell and tears will flow as you begin to cry

Inside your body, mind and soul it hurts really bad
And you can't explain and you think..Ohh no one will understand

Although at times, love can leave you sad and blue
You must look ahead.. down that path so new

Try to stay strong
Love is not always wrong

It might bring you to tears
But if its true it will take away all your fears and forever they will disappear

So I say to YOU...

Don't ever take someones love for granted
For if you do they will be left disenchanted

Always show your love in every way
This you must do every single day

Don't ever let them doubt
Keep your eyes open wide
Recognize when they need you and they are crying out
Reach out to be right by their side

Love is waiting for you
Now all you have to do..


Have a little talk..
Take a little walk..

A Journey of Love.



One Day...

These are the words I cannot say
But they come from the heart
Despite all the arguments
I've liked you from the start
I like the way your mind works
The way you're so unique
And when I'm in my darkest hour
I long to hear you speak
I like the way you walk
The way you slightly smile
And when your move close to me
You cause my heart to go wild
I like the ways you're different
I like those mysterious eyes
Actually I like everything
Even what's inside
I long for you to hold me
To feel your heart beats on mine
I know it isn't work yet
We need a little more time
But these are all the things
I guess I cannot yet say
Like how I somehow manage
To think of you all day
Yes I'm scared you'll hurt me
Just break me and leave
I don't want to have to worry
I don't want to be deceived
How all this can work
I'll guess we'll never know
But don't turn your back on me yet
I'm not quite ready for you to o go
I'm sorry for writing this
But its all I can do
It the only way for me
To say I love you
For these are the words
I just cannot say
But things will be different
One day...


"I don't have to be what somebody else wants me to be, and I am not afraid to be what i want to be."


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