My Words

Dream Girl

I remember the girl of my dreams found my soul
and she placed my heart back in my "missing-heart hole"
and my child like passion and wonder and pride
returned, and i started to glow from inside

She's the girl of my dreams
she's the one that i love
she's the girl of my dreams
angel girl from above

And her heart's always gentle
and her heart's always pure
and her spirit is strong
and her mind, always sure

And we fly through the stars in my dreams
while i sleep exploring the universe vast, dark and deep

Will you fly through the stars with me, dream girl tonight?

Will you rest in my arms till the morning light, shines and reminds

Through the sun's golden beams that love doesconquer all if we follow our dreams


A Friend's Smile

When everything's gone wrong today,
And no one reacts to anything you say,

And no matter how much you scream and cry,
the world seems to be passing you by,

And no one seems to notice or care,
that you're trying to be heard over despair...

Then on one face a smile shines through,
a smile that knows and cares about you;

A smile with love and joy to lend,
on a face you recognize as your true friend.

Have A Wonderful Day
You're my reason to smile


Little things you do for me
Open up my heart to see
Visions of a future bright
Everytime you hold me tight

Many nights I've dreamed of you
Every dream I've had came true

Always in my heart you'll stay
L oving you more everyday
When you're gone I miss you so
Although in my heart I know
You'll forever fill my days
Simply..... Loving me always

No Perfect People...

So now you know my secrets, the little things I do
The quite nights I'm hurting,
The days I laughed with you.
The fears that never happened, the dreams that never end,
We cannot know the future,
But I will be your friend.

There are no perfect people,
We're old enough to know,
So stay around to love me,
And watch the rivers flow.

You know the words unspoken, and the truth within those lies,
The gentle words of loving,
You've heard my painful cries.
The days I couldn't make it, the scars that wouldn't mend,
But nothing really matters,
If you will be my friend.

We've known the pain of loving,
We've known the quite glow,
I'll stay around to love you,
And watch the flowers grow.

"I don't have to be what somebody else wants me to be, and I am not afraid to be what i want to be."


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